“Boris was one of the earliest supporters of Astaro and has been a tremendous source of help to the management team.
I consider him to be among the best, hardest working, and most loyal investors out there. I highly recommend working with him.”

Jan Hichert, earlier CEO of Astaro Network Security (meanwhile a Sophos company)

man3Boris Anderer is General Partner of BOOSTER Ventures GmbH, he founded 2001 in Stuttgart Germany. From 2004 to 2007 he was co-founder and CEO of the New Jersey based data storage company Reldata Inc., which transformed 2011 to Starboard Storage Systems Inc. and was acquired by SGI in 2014 (SGI was acquired in 2016 by Hewlett Packard Enterprise). From 2001 to 2006 he was also a Venture Partner at the Venture Capital company Wellington Partners. From 1994 to 2000 Boris was co-founder, co-CEO and finally Chairman of the German Brokat AG. During this time Brokat grew to one of the most significant publicly traded German software enterprises of the New Economy age. Until1994 Boris worked 4 years as consultant at the management consultancy McKinsey & Company. Boris studied physics and business administration and holds a doctor’s degree in engineering.

In 2008 Boris was President of the German Tech Tour, one of the toughest German startup competitions where delegates of 30 of the most established Venture Capital firms select the 25 best startup companies from the industry sectors IT, Internet based services, semiconductor technology and cleantech. In 1999 Boris was honored with the worldwide renown„ “Entrepreneur des Jahres” award sponsored by the Ernst & Young group.